Final Expense insurance is whole life insurance coverage. In addition to your funeral expenses, this life insurance policy will also cover costs such as settling debts on credit card balances, car loans, mortgage loans, legal, travel, medical, and other expenses.

AFP offers practical funding options for your end-of-life planning with Forethought Forelife℠.

You also have the services of an experienced insurance and funeral industry professional to answer your questions and help you initiate your plan.

In addition to your funeral expenses final expenses may include:

* Cemetery costs
* Medical Bills
* Outstanding loans
* Credit card bills

ForeLife℠ provides several distinct benefits:

* Affordable Premiums and reduced rates
* Coverage amount from $2,500 -$40,000, varying with risk classification.
* Death Benefits are not taxable income.

Final expense planning allows friends and family to focus on remembering us and celebrating the life we lived, and allowing them the ability to mourn in a healthy, less stressful way.

Prevents families from having to provide funding for a funeral by using their savings, or relying on friends and relatives for financial assistance.

ForeLife℠ is a program designed to set aside funds for end-of-life expenses. One of the most satisfying benefits of planning ahead is in knowing that your wishes and desires are aligned with your financial circumstances.

We can get you started on

* Setting Aside Funds:
Meet with Tim to set aside funds to pay for end-of-life expenses with whole life insurance from Forethought Life Insurance.

* Gathering Information:
When you’re ready we will help you complete your personal planning guide.

* Making Arrangements:
In addition, Tim works with several area funeral homes should you want to pre-plan and fund for your entire funeral.

For more information:

Email Tim

Call Tim at 301-580-9425 for further assistant.

Tim is also available for group presentations.